Porch Lights Series

Original art from my most recent series, all for $65 or less


Broken Mirrors

Almost every single piece of original art from my long-running Broken Mirrors series


Dark Magic

Every page of my collaboration with Rachel Evangeline Chiong--even my thumbnail booklet


Words Plural #1

Get original art from my upcoming anthology comic before the book even comes out!



Original art from my first self-published comic


Artist Trading Cards

Grab one of my small but stylistically-diverse artist trading cards



All the extra wonderful randomness that litters my sketchbooks

Sven's Christmas Art Appeal 2020

This year, as the weather gets colder, I’m listing virtually every piece of art I’ve made in my adult career with 100% of proceeds going to support my unhoused and street involved neighbours in Toronto.

We need to take care of each other.

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What I do

I’ve been blessed to be able to make art in a way that sustains me and seems to resonate with some people. Along the way, I’ve had the chance to work with so many incredible and talented people who have sustained me more than putting pen to paper ever could.


I call myself a cartoonist, and I fancy myself an illustrator, but what I’m really after is community. If you are too, then why not stick around for a while.

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Comics & Zines

Sequential images, with some words thrown in here and there for good measure


Ink on paper, with less narrative structure

Comics & Zines

Art Prints

Original Art


Do you have a childhood memory you’d like captured? A favourite character you’d like to immortalize? An upcoming special day with a loved one that you’d like to celebrate with something unique? A D&D character that you’re just really sick of having to describe to new players?

Why not commission me to make those dreams a reality?

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