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Kirby said that comics will break your heart

And, well, yep they certainly do that.

Hopefully they’ll help put it together again too.


Here are my attempts to do both.

Words Plural #2: Finders Keepers

In this second issue of the Words Plural anthology, find four stories all about the things we lose, the things we find, and the things that find us. Travel to snowcapped peaks of desperation in “Excelsis,” the murky depths in “The Custodian,” the subtle battlefield of a little league baseball diamond in “Slugger,” and the shifting dreamscape of “Flying Dogs,” written by the incredibly talented Joyce Jodie Kim, writer of Caterpillar Portraits. See what treasures you pick up along the way ⚾

“I am mouse no longer. I am amphibian. I am frog.”

“It must have been some sort of bird. Some terrible bird.”

“After all, what else did you have?”

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Words Plural #1

Words Plural #1 is the first issue of an ongoing anthology series featuring myself and some of my most talented friends. In this issue, you’ll find one of my oldest comics, remastered for the modern age, a chiaroscuro horror story of misplaced identity, and a return to the stratosphere, penned by Dark Magic writer, Rachel Evangeline Chiong.

“I don’t remember grandma’s house.”

“They’re just like us.”

“Do you think we’ll feel older after this?”

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Just Keep Talking

Just Keep Talking (2021) is a single page experimental comic based on episode 170 of The Magnus Archives.

“I am not lonely any more.”

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Dark Magic

Dark Magic (2019) adapts the poem of the same name by stellar spoken word artist Rachel Evangeline Chiong. It is available as a 29-page comic both digitally and in print, measuring at 5″ square.

Many creation stories begin when light brings life to a sea of darkness. But what if it happened the other way around?

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Collecting 13 reflections from my Broken Mirrors project, Hebrews (2019) explores the Biblical book of Hebrews, documenting my thoughts and illustrations for each chapter. Only available in print (though you can see the original posts on Instagram) as a wee 4″x4″ booklet.

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Float (2019) is a single-page comic available in print as a poster-sized print (roughly 11″ x 13″)

Reflections on faith and raspberries atop a sea of fog.

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Starbound (2018) is an 8-page comic available digitally and in print as an oversized zine (roughly 8.5″ x 10″)

A young nurse and an old man ponder what it means to be significant.

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