Hi, I'm Sven!

I’m a cartoonist and illustrator, living and working in Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been drawing and making comics “seriously” (whatever that means) since 2018, when I got tired of waiting for a collaborator to draw for me and decided to do it myself. This started with the Broken Mirrors project, an open-ended series of daily visual reflections on Biblical passages and themes, through which I was able to build up my skills to the point that I felt capable of drawing my own comics.

This worshipful practice has been a great indicator for the direction my art has taken. I am transfixed by the beauty that this world contains in all its texture and colour and diversity. My goal as an artist is to encourage us to see this beauty–both familiar and extraordinary, commonplace and unexpected, prized and too long hidden–in ways that might allow us to imagine a better world.

Ironically, despite my art career with the opposite of a collaborative spirit, I have been blessed by an incredible host of supporters and creative partners. Particularly, I’d like to thank Rachel Evangeline Chiong, my co-conspirator for Dark Magic and the upcoming Celestine, the Canada Comics Open Library, which has been both an invaluable resource and a steady tap of community, Ecclesia, my on-again-off-again arts collective, and Naomi Goslinski at Leaside Press, for being so accommodating with printing (and being a great mum).

There are so many more people who have meant so much to me that I couldn’t possibly list them all here. A cartoonist’s life can easily be a very solitary one, but I’m blessed to say that that hasn’t been my experience.

If you’re reading this, I would genuinely love to meet you! Send me a message using the form on this page, or, if that seems too formal, feel free to shoot me an email at sven@svencomics.ca or a direct message on my Instagram or Facebook.

Maybe we can imagine a better world together.

Let’s Talk!