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Porch Lights Series

Original art from my most recent series, all for $65 or less


Broken Mirrors

Almost every single piece of original art from my long-running Broken Mirrors series


Dark Magic

Every page of my collaboration with Rachel Evangeline Chiong--even my thumbnail booklet


Words Plural #1

Get original art from my upcoming anthology comic before the book even comes out!



Original art from my first self-published comic


Artist Trading Cards

Grab one of my small but stylistically-diverse artist trading cards



All the extra wonderful randomness that litters my sketchbooks

Sven’s Christmas Art Appeal 2020

Update regarding payout of proceeds: Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported this appeal so far! I’m pleased with the support I’ve seen, but as it stands, it looks like my plan to divide the proceeds four ways was a bit over-optimistic, so I’ve decided to instead donate the full amount of proceeds to Sanctuary Toronto. That being said, I appreciate that some people may prefer the proceeds from their purchase go to towards one of the other organizations, for any number of reasons. If that is the case for you, please feel free to contact me on or before January 31, 2021, and I can make that happen.

Update Regarding Boxing Week Sale: If you’ve seen that I’m running a Boxing Week Sale this year, you may be wondering how that’ll impact this fundraiser. To be perfectly honest, the appeal has been going pretty slowly so far, so I’m hoping that a sale might draw more interest. Regardless, knocking a percentage off of everyone’s orders means a percentage less funds are raised, and though my goal is to make up the missing percentage through other revenue streams if I’m in the financial position to do so when the fundraiser closes, that’s not a guarantee I can make at this time. As such, I’m running the sale with an optional code instead of a site-wide cut.  I understand that not everyone who is interested in my art is also in the position to buy it at full price, and I’ve always wanted to prioritize sharing what I’ve made over making money. So feel free to use the code and take the discount–that’s what it’s there for. But if this year has been good to you (well, it hasn’t really been good to anyone, but you know what I mean) then feel free to pay the full price (or take the discount and donate directly!). 

Living in Toronto has a lot of benefits. It’s a cosmopolitan crossroad for the world, we’ve got a great range of architecture, and the mix of green spaces throughout the city, though not perfect, is better than a lot of places I know

But it gets cold in Toronto.

For a lot of us, this time of approaching winter is matched by the warmth of our loved ones and homes, providing a sense of safety and coziness that I addressed in my recent Porch Light’s series. However, for thousands of our neighbours, housing is not a reality, and poorly formulated band-aid policies that address this often separate them from their loved ones.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the already widespread housing crisis, leaving many across my city seeking shelter and safety wherever they can find it. Unfortunately, the response of Mayor John Tory and other city officials has been woefully uninformed, and therefore, woefully lacking.

Several organizations have been working to address the housing, food security, financial, and community needs of our vulnerable neighbours.

This year, to support their efforts, I will be listing almost every piece of art that I have made in my adult career and donating every cent I receive from the sale of original art and commissions for the rest of the year to the following orgainizations:

If you’d like to help, take a look at my original art or order yourself a custom commission.

I’d also encourage you to follow these organizations on their respective social media, and if you live in Toronto, contact Mayor Tory and your local city Councillor to demand a response to the housing crisis that includes and respects the voices and concerns of those who are currently unhoused.

We’ve got to take care of each other.