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Sven’s Christmas Art Appeal 2021

Living in Toronto has a lot of benefits. It’s a cosmopolitan crossroad for the world, we’ve got a great range of architecture, and the mix of green spaces throughout the city, though not perfect, is better than a lot of places I know

But it gets cold in Toronto.

For a lot of us, this time of approaching winter is matched by the warmth of our loved ones and homes, providing a sense of safety and coziness that I addressed in my recent Porch Light’s series. However, for thousands of our neighbours, housing is not a reality, and poorly formulated band-aid policies that address this often separate them from their loved ones.

COVID-19 has exacerbated the already widespread housing crisis, leaving many across my city seeking shelter and safety wherever they can find it. Unfortunately, the response of Mayor John Tory and other city officials has been woefully uninformed, and therefore, woefully lacking.

Several organizations, such as Sanctuary Toronto, the Encampment Support Network, the Toronto Drop-In Network, Daily Bread Food Bank, the Evangel Hall Mission, and many others, have been working to address the housing, food security, financial, and community needs of our vulnerable neighbours.

This year, I will be donating every cent I receive from the sale of all art, comics, zines, and commissions throughout December and January to support these efforts. Specifically, this time around, I have chosen to support Sanctuary Toronto.

If you’d like to help, take a look at my shop or order yourself a custom commission.

I’d also encourage you to follow these organizations on their respective social media, and if you live in Toronto, contact Mayor Tory and your local city Councillor to demand a response to the housing crisis that includes and respects the voices and concerns of those who are currently unhoused.

We’ve got to take care of each other.