Index [Digital]


A deity weaves darkness like a tapestry as it creates upon the brilliant white. In the wastes outside the city, a desperate man toils at a desperate task. Destruction looms large in the minds of two astronauts aboard an orbital superweapon. A parade of monsters sheds light on why scary stories stick. Former teammates reunite years later over the night that changed their lives. A young mouse shivers in the snow as dreams fall like a blizzard.

All this and more awaits within the pages of Index, collecting all of Sven’s published comics to date (Starbound, Dark Magic, Words Plural #1 & 2), as well as the Porch Lights zine and the never-before-collected Broken Mirrors project, the daily drawing endeavour that started it all!

“Index is a time lapse. It is an accumulation of real days, months, and years of an artist’s coming up that you can now witness between your own two hands.” – Rachel Evangeline Chiong (from the Foreword)

220 pages

Black & White PDF

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